Grow Mushrooms at Home!


Located in Albany, GA, we are a family farm dedicated to the wonderful world of mushrooms.

We provide the freshest mushrooms to enhance your meals and your life! Grow them yourself on your kitchen counter from our all-inclusive mushroom kit, or serve our dried mushrooms ready to eat in minutes.

Try our mushrooms. You will never buy mushrooms from the grocery store again!

Our Greenbox Family Farm Mushroom Kit is...

Fresh & Organic

For people who care about their food.

Just the way you love it! It does not get fresher or more organic than this.

No muss, no fuss and absolutely no chemicals!


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A Learning Experience

We offer a range of activities and tools for the whole family to enrich their experience with growing this amazing vegetable at home.

Learning & experience in a box!

Free Curriculum

Best Gift Ever!

The GREENBOX FAMILY FARM KIT is perfect for a home-school project. And perfect for the indoor gardener.

And perfect for the mushroom-lover. For kids. For grannies. For friends. Get a bunch! 


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Just Add Water.

The Greenbox Family Farm Kit contains everything you need to grow your mushrooms in just ten days.

Right from this very box. Cut along the perforated lines, spritz with water (we even include the water sprayer)...AND DONE.

Harvest your first crop in 10 days.

Then let it grow some more!



Introducing the quick easy way to add organically grown mushrooms to your meals.

Just soak 'em and cook 'em.

So easy, fresh and wonderful!

Greenbox Family Farms Introduces

Dried Shiitake Mushrooms

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Teacher Developed

Custom Curriculum

We present a learning program teaching students a range of scientific skills while growing and harvesting mushrooms for the family.