A great addition to your small-space garden 

 A great addition to your small-space garden 

Adding a box of ‘shrooms’ to your small-space garden will not only give you pleasure but reward you with a harvest of delicate mushrooms!

Whether you have a condo, a balcony, a patio, an indoor garden area, or a shelf in your kitchen, you can bring nature into your home by creating a space for your growth kit. It will blend in beautifully when surrounded by other potted plants and greenery.

Small-space gardening has become a very popular movement, connecting us to Mother Earth. Tending to our garden is a leisure activity that makes us forget our cares.

It relieves stress, and seeing its growth is a joyful experience. A mushroom harvest that puts food on your table evokes personal gratification. No wonder that small-space gardening is considered to have therapeutic value.

When choosing a spot for your mushroom growth-kit, remember that it needs to be out of the direct sun, preferably in a shady, ventilated spot. It requires very little attention.

Just a spritz of water twice daily. It will be very happy in a humid atmosphere, surrounded by other plants, or near the kitchen sink.

 You could camouflage the box by putting it in a natural wood planter or a unique plant holder. For a special effect, arrange it as part of a patio corner or decorative indoor small-space.

You will be delighted to see your garden spring to life when the first mushrooms appear and derive satisfaction from growing your own food.

 Creating your own small-space garden, whether in- or outdoors, puts you in control of setting up the controlled conditions under which your mushrooms will flourish.

By introducing different species of oyster mushrooms, you ‘change the scene’ and add variety to the natural world you created. You will find a whole new world opening up as each type fruits in its own way.

 Take a look at our curriculum and understand how mushrooms grow. Not only will it add a new dimension to your experience, but it also brings about a new appreciation for the wonder of nature.

Try some of our recipes, and you will get hooked on using mushrooms in various ways. These are not store-bought, mass-produced items. Your mushrooms are special, carefully tended, and appreciated. Remember that one box can produce a few harvests.

 Be assured that your mushroom growth kit will be a fascinating talking point for your family and your visitors. There is still an aura of mystery surrounding mushrooms. People are intrigued by the idea of growing your own. Surprise your guests by entertaining them with the myths, as explained on our website.

 So, relax and enjoy your small-space garden corner. Anticipate seeing the first signs of the mushrooms pinning and the wonder of their growth. And above all, enjoy the fruits of your labor! 


written by Elsa Dixon Ph.D | Travels with Elsa