About Us

GreenBox Farms is a dedicated organic fresh food and vegetable online supplier, located in Albany, Georgia. 

Our History

Although GreenBox Family Farms was incorporated in March, 2020, its history dates back to forty years ago.

The founder of GreenBox Family Farm, Samuel Stringer, is a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel, having served his country during peace and war for over 23 years.

Sam grew up in farming country in the plains of Oklahoma, and has always had a love affair with farming, harvesting, and eating fresh produce.

After over a year of detailed research and study, Sam decided to take a leap of faith and turn his passion into a business and opened Greenbox Family Farm. 

Initially, Sam offered fresh produce through GreenBox Family Farm providing and enjoying real food, purchased from people you can trust.  

 And Now

Recently, GreenBox Family Farm has expanded into the gourmet mushroom market. They have geared up production of a large variety of organically grown gourmet mushrooms.   



This kit consists of a fully inoculated box of mushroom spawn. All you have to do is open the front of the box, spray it with water twice a day, and watch it grow!

Within two weeks, you will be harvesting a large portion of delicious gourmet mushrooms right in our own home. What’s more is that you can let the box “rest” for two days and then start the process of watering twice a day and get a second harvest of the same delicious mushrooms. 

While we guarantee at least two harvests, some of our customers have harvested as many as four crops from a single kit.  


Having dried shiitake mushrooms stocked in your pantry means that you always have a flavorful ingredient at your fingertips. Our dried Shiitake mushrooms can last for months, maybe even years, if stored in an airtight container in a cool place or in the refrigerator. 

To use: rehydrate them in boiling water for ten minutes and use in recipes. That's it!

 Our Pledge & Our Promise

 When we call ourselves an organic farm, we live up to our words no matter what. 

To us, excellent fresh food is something that has not lost its potency, is flavorsome, restorative to the body, and is grown without chemicals. This pledge applies to all our fresh organic mushrooms and our mushroom grow kits.  

Support Local

GreenBox Family Farm supports other local businesses that strengthen local economies and communities in which we operate.

We are dedicated to expanding access to high-quality food because all people should have access to organic fresh quality farm produce.

Support Sustainability

GreenBox Family Farm is a firm believer in sustainability. 

To benefit the people and the planet, we produce food using the best farming practices that increase biodiversity, promote clean air, regenerate the soil, and healthy ecosystems. 

In summary, when you purchase fresh mushrooms and grow kits from us, you are contributing to this mission that will eventually help maintain a vibrant community and a healthy environment.