What to Give?

 GreenBox Family Farm Mushroom Kit is The Perfect All-Year Round Gift!

Who would LOVELOVE this gift?

  • BIRTHDAY KIDS (of all ages)
  • Elves at CHRISTMAS
  • CONGRATULATIONS on being smart
  • HANNUKAH KIDS(need eight)
  • DAD'S ON FATHER’S DAY (cuz it's not a tie)


Spread the joy! Bring Nature into your home. No mess, no fuss. Easy to maintain.

The GreenBox Family Farm Kit has a beautiful design. It is stylish and pleasing to the eye, and will blend in perfectly with any area in your home. It is a really popular gift, especially around the upcoming Holiday Season.

Children and adults alike will be fascinated by the GreenBox Family Farm kit.

And did we mention? THEY TASTE SOOO GOOD!


Just sprinkle with water and soon, you will have your very own homegrown mushrooms, ready to eat. Mushroom lovers will enjoy the freshness of this product, and cooks can be assured that their dishes will attain gourmet standard.

  • The whole family can enjoy the process, and it will certainly be a lively talking point in any conversation!
  •  Watch the mushrooms grow very quickly in the ready kit.
  • It is really exciting to see what develops from that box.
  • At first, only white or yellow blobs, and then, suddenly, things start happening!
  • The blob gets bigger, and you are not sure whether you are growing something edible.
  • But then, the magic happens! Can they be? Yes, they are!

...and then...

The beginning of a batch of mushrooms.

You look in wonder at the cluster of little stems and caps, and realize that this is the pinning process.

 Every day, the cluster enlarges, and you start your day, excited at the thought of what would be happening next. The blob has turned into a miracle of nature.

 The mushrooms keep on growing until they are ready for harvesting.

What a thrill to eat your very own produce!

 And what’s more….

It is the gift that keeps on giving!

Yes, you can repeat the process and expect to harvest another two or even more crops from the same box.

How does this happen?

You might be interested to know what goes into preparing the mushroom kit.

We use a pasteurized mixture of oak wood pellets and soybean pellets as the substrate. 

After soaking in hot water, we mix the substrate with a set amount of coffee grounds and ready mushroom spawn in individual kit grow bags. We seal them and allow two weeks for them to fully inoculate.  From there they are ready to be boxed up and shipped to the customer. 

 For some fun information and stories to add to any gift box, see our Magic Mushroom Stories at!

 Illustrations by Georgina Mybeurgh