Molly and Freddy under Mushroom Stories



 Molly, the Mushroom, and Freddy, the Fungus, were

craning their necks to see what was outside the box.

They were having an argument.


Molly shook her pretty head. “I am a mushroom, not a fungus.”

Freddy teased her. “You look like me, so you have

to be a fungus too.”

Molly cried, “Then, you are a mushroom, Freddy.”


Their mommy turned to them.

“Molly and Freddy, you are both right.

A mushroom is a fungus, and the two of you are fungi.”

“No!” Freddy cried.”I am the fun guy!”

Mommy laughed.

“You are also called toadstools.”

Molly’s eyes grew big. “I don’t want to be a stool for a toad.”

Freddy was excited. “I would love to have a toad sit on me.

Then, I will bend my stem and throw him off!”


Mommy looked at him sternly.

“Get your head out of the sun, Freddy. The shade is better for you.”

“But, it is more fun out there!” he argued.


“Mommy,” asked Molly. “Where did we come from?”

“Yes, mommy,” shouted Freddy. ”I also want to know.”

“Well, I suppose it is time to tell you. Mommy and daddy both have gills under our caps, like you.

When it rains on us, our gills send out spores that fly into the wind. The spores are so small that one cannot see them.”


“I also want spores,” Freddy grumbled.

“Your turn will come when you are older,” said mommy.

“The spores fall onto something that they can eat.”


“Like these nice coffee grounds?” asked Molly.

“Yes,” mommy replied. “And then, the spores grow and mix and melt together.

They grow out of the ground like threads.  We call them pinheads.”

“Our tiny brothers and sisters that popped out?”

“Exactly. They need a little water to grow into proper mushrooms like you.”


“We should get them lots of water!” Freddy laughed.

“No, they will get sick if they get too much water,” mommy warned.


 “Let’s watch them grow,” said Molly.

Mommy smiled. “That is a good idea.”