Mushroom Grow Kit - Pink Oyster Mushroom

Mushroom Grow Kit - Pink Oyster Mushroom

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The Greenbox Mushroom Grow Kit is the easiest way to grow your own organic & gourmet mushrooms at home! Just open, spray daily with the included mister, and in 10 days you'll be harvesting your own mushrooms right out of the box! The perfect holiday gift for foodie, garden-loving and eco-conscious friends & family.

Key Features

  • Grows in just 10 days
  • Everything you need is included
  • 100% Organic & Non-GMO
  • Proudly made in Albany, GA
  • Each crop produces 3-4 servings of Pink Oyster mushrooms, and each box can grow up three crops.
What is Included
  • Recycled coffee grounds infused with mushroom spawn
  • Spray mister
  • FREE downloadable curriculum for kids of all ages to learn about the science behind mushrooms
  • 100% Guaranteed to Grow (1 crop) promise
Type of Mushrooms in this kit

Pink Oyster Mushroom

Pleurotus djamor: This tropical Oyster strain thrives in warm weather. It produces beautiful clusters of pink to near red mushrooms that are a favorite at farmer's markets. The color intensifies when they grow with adequate light.

 Pink Oysters can easily replace button mushrooms in most recipes and pair well with many cuisines and flavors. Like all Oyster mushrooms, they retain water and may develop a viscous texture when undercooked. If you prefer a firm or dryer texture, continue to cook Pink Oysters until their liquid has reduced and cooked off and they begin to brown. 

The flavor of the pink oyster mushroom has been described as meaty and fishy. Just like most mushrooms it is quite umami. Its texture is both meaty and chewy. When fried until crispy, it resembles bacon or even ham. However, when it is raw, it has a sour taste.

The pink oyster mushroom, unsurprisingly has a pink color. When cooked, however, the mushroom can still be toxic for consumers. It has a curly cap which is 2 – 5 cm in diameter. The caps are also quite thin. The stem is very short or even non existent.

Pink Flamingo oyster mushrooms are best suited for cooked applications such as sautéing, boiling, roasting, or frying. They can be sautéed or stir-fried with other vegetables, added to pasta dishes, sprinkled on top of pizza, added to grain bowls, sautéed with eggs, boiled in soups, chowders, or stews, or cooked into risotto. They can also be sautéed and mixed with cream-based white sauces for added flavor. Due to their meaty texture, these mushrooms require thorough cooking to develop their flavor and an edible consistency. Pink oyster mushrooms pair well with coriander, parsley, mint, basil, garlic, ginger, onion, sesame oil, soy sauce, bell pepper, red cabbage, broccolini, baby corn, leeks, quinoa, noodles, rice, and potatoes.